The Drug & Chemical Advisory Group, LLC

Founded January 2004

Conceptual Image of Mission

Our Mission

The Drug & Chemical Advisory Group, LLC provides multidisciplinary and focused research, analysis, strategic planning, and comprehensive solutions on controlled substance and listed chemical issues.


DCAG believes the more thorough a company’s research, the wiser its decisions. We conduct broad-based, in-depth research into legal, regulatory, and scientific precedents—the methodology and basis for policy determination—and weave these findings into your business practices and objectives in pursuit of optimal results with minimum risk.


DCAG knows that properly focused analysis is the heart of solving any business issue. We approach client issues with key measurement questions and critical thinking based on extensive hands-on experience in the pharmaceutical and chemical regulatory, investigative, and scientific fields. Our goal is to provide clear and practical analyses of the issues and the options to enable our clients to decide the most beneficial course for their business needs.

Strategic Planning

DCAG recognizes constantly changing requirements facing each of our clients and provides sound, long-term vision and design. We collaborate with clients and attempt to understand their unique culture, current needs, and future objectives in formulating direct, efficient paths to success. We value the ability to provide functional processes and meaningful results over time as we develop lasting relationships with our clients.


DCAG offers a comprehensive array of techniques and approaches to issues and problem-solving with the objective of fashioning the right solution for the special needs of our clients. We delve behind the data and symptoms to focus on crafting the best way forward for you.